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How Old Do You Have To Be To Go To Planet Fitness 2023 Best Info is our todays topic. You may already be a Planet Fitness member and want to bring a kid with you. That’s why you want to know if there’s an age limit at PF. And you have a question about it. How Old Do You Have To Be To Go To Planet Fitness?

So the information below is about how old you must be to go to Planet Fitness. Read the information below to learn How Old Do You Have To Be To Go To Planet Fitness.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Go To Planet Fitness?

How Old Do You Have To Be To Go To Planet Fitness 2023 Best Info
How Old Do You Have To Be To Go To Planet Fitness 2023 Best Info

Planet Fitness Age Limit

With permission from a parent or legal guardian, a 13-year-old can become a member of Planet Fitness. They also have to be there in person when they sign up.

Members ages 13 to 14 must be with a parent or guardian when they work out, and a parent or guardian must sign a waiver for members ages 15 to 17.

A parent or guardian of a kid with a Planet Fitness Black Card must be at least 18 years old and have a legal ID.

This piece will tell you how old you have to be and what the Planet Fitness Kid Policy is.

Then, you’ll find out more about the family release and have your questions answered. By the end of the article, you will know everything you need about the age limit and how everyone can fit into your gym plan.

Planet Fitness Kids Policy 2023

  1. Teens must register in person.
  2. Teens under 18 must have a parent or adult sign them up.
  3. After they sign up, they can start working on their own.
  4. A parent does not have to sign up for an 18-year-old child.
  5. They can only work where they signed up to do so.
  6. During the Gym’s open hours, you can use it whenever you want.
  7. Teens can take free exercise classes as part of the Planet Exercise [email protected] program. At least one class will be held each day, Monday through Friday.
  8. PF doesn’t offer any special or unique child care. Planet Fitness doesn’t let kids join while you work out because they want to keep your registration fees low.
  9. For safety reasons, they ask that you don’t bring kids younger than 13. If this is a problem for you, PF will try to keep their clubs open until 10 pm so you can get to them.
  10. You can’t bring your young children to the Gym with you, though. You can go outside of your work hours if you want to.

FAQs For How Old Do You Have To Be To Go To Planet Fitness?

Can Someone Under 18 Join Planet Fitness?

Teens between 15 and 18 can attend Planet Fitness in the United States. For kids under 18, Sign-up must be done by a parent or adult. Teenagers under 18 can work out alone if their parents or guardians sign a waiver with them.

Does Planet Fitness Ask For Age?


When You Sign Up For PF?

you must show proof of who you are, like a driver’s license. This will help them figure out if you are an adult who can join any of their membership groups.

If Planet Fitness didn’t ask about age, they wouldn’t be able to tell if someone was over 13 just by looking at them. But if they did check ages, many kids under 18 would be lifting weights. Everyone would want to go there because the equipment looks cool and attractive.

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Can A 12-year-old Go With A Parent To Planet Fitness?


Parents must keep kids smaller than 13 away from the Gym to keep them safe. They could slip and fall on the metal tools if they get into trouble, hurting them very badly.

What Gym Can You Join At 16?

Find a kid-friendly gym. Planet Fitness: Ages 13 to 18 with an active contract from a parent. Gold’s Gym is for people over 13 who are with an adult. Fitness Crunch is 13 years old, with a grown-up who is 21. Equinox: You must be 14 years old and with an adult.

Can I Go To Planet Fitness With My 11-year-old?

No, you can’t do that because it’s against the law.

Can someone who is 15 go to the Gym? We tell kids under 14 not to join the Gym because their bodies are still growing. But we let some students take certain classes, especially if they are dealing with obesity or other diseases tied to their weight.

Can My 11-year-old Come To Planet Fitness With Me?

Find a gym that’s good for kids and is open 24 hours a day for kids 12 and up with adults. Planet Fitness: 13–18 years old if a parent is a member. Gold’s Gym: At least 13 years old and with an adult. YMCA Age 14 has finished the introduction and can use the building without a parent there to watch.

Can 15-year-olds Go By Themselves To Planet Fitness?

Yes, as long as a parent or adult signs this agreement. But even if the adult isn’t there, they are still responsible for the teenager if something goes wrong.

It’s important to know that anyone between the ages of 15 and 18 can join the PF group in the US. But they have to join that particular club and not another.

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Can A 13-year-old Go To The Gym On Their Own?

Can they pull it off? Yes. Will they? No.

Young people tend to think the weights are lighter than they are. In this case, he might bite harder than he chews, which could hurt him.

No one under 18 should go to the Gym.

Can Someone Who Is 17 Go To The Gym?

Younger kids should focus on games instead of building muscles or trying to get the perfect body. Many kids take drugs to build up their muscles, which can have bad effects.

It is important to eat a healthy, well-balanced meal. You can go to the exercise club when you are 17 years old. Hope you enjoy reading our article How Old Do You Have To Be To Go To Planet Fitness 2023 Best Info.

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