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Powerstripe.Com Review 2023 Is Powerstripe Legit? is our today’s topic. This product is get from an online or virtual store. These stores sell priced CPUs, mining cases, motherboards, and other items. In India and the United States, the store is well-known. Many individuals like to buy at this internet store. We will now conduct an assessment of the website utilizing Powerstripe.Com Review to assist us to discover the truth.

Powerstripe.Com Review 2022 Is Powerstripe Legit?

What Exactly Is

One of the most popular is A well-known virtual shop that sells a variety of industrial items. They provide a wide range of items, including personal computers, television video cards, and mining rigs. And factory equipment from ABS, MSI, and others.

Items Given the site’s popularity among customers, we need to learn as much as we can about it. We need to understand the nature of the site, its features, and its customer service. We also search for client reviews to see if this website is legitimate. Specifications

  • Date Of Domain Registration: 07/02/2021
  • The URL of the domain Is
  • Products include personal computers, video cards and blowers, cooling, mining boxes, processors, chips, sd cards, storage media, power supplies, and so on.
  • Phone Number: +1 888 755-7876 Official Address: 17800 Castleton St., City of Industry (CA 91748), United States (Toll-Free)
  • Payment Mode – Credit cards, PayPal, digital money (Cryptocurrency). And other payment methods are available.
  • Return policy – There is a 60-day return policy.
  • Return Policy – There are several refund policies.
  • can be used on the same credit card, debit card, PayPal account, or digital money
  • Exchange Policy – Optional Exchange Policy is permitted.
  • Delivery Rule – Within 3-8 business days, according to the Powerstripe.Com Review.
  • Delivery Fee – varies depending on the nation and location.

Social Media Presence – No Social Media Icons Benefits Of Purchasing From

Website This virtual shop provides a variety of desktop and manufacturing items online.

  • On the website, there are several product possibilities.
  • It has distinct shipping, return, and money-back.
  • Shipping policies, according to the website, are affordable.
  • They provide a diverse choice of items at cheap pricing.
  • They provide an easy payment method.

The Drawbacks Of Purchasing From The Website

  • The owner’s name is not included on the website.
  • They have no social networks.

Is Powerstripe Legit?

We must now assess whether the site is authentic. This discussion will assist you in comprehending its authenticity.

  • Domain Date – The site went live on January 26, 2001. The domain data reveals how old the site is.
  • This is a 76 percent trust score. This is the average level of trust.
  • Contact Information — They do not reveal the identity of the creator or owner. But they do provide contact information. They do But have a registered office, and contact information. And an email address, as indicated on their website.
  • Icons for Social Media – They do not have any social media profiles. According to the Powerstrip, this is ludicrous.
  • Owner Information – The site does not reveal the owner’s identity.
  • Client Feedback – There are no customer testimonials on their website.
  • Website Policy – They provide appropriate payment terms, various delivery policies, a refund policy, and a return policy. You may also exchange regulations by visiting their website. They provide delivery policies and procedures.

We also urge that you look at our customer reviews area. It is an important section to learn about the website’s credibility.

Powerstripe.Com Review

They do not post any client feedback on the website. But, both the site and the buyer agree that they provide exceptional customer service. They produce high-quality goods. They feature a simple ordering, payment, and delivery process. Because of this, many purchasers are drawn to our website.

According to previous assessments, more than 80% of purchasers rated the site as great. This increases buyer confidence and value in the online store. Conditional shipping is also available to many European nations. Determine whether you have been a victim of a PayPal Scam.

Final Thoughts

Many people might question Powerstrip Review whether. They are happy with the service after reviewing the web store. This internet store is reliable and credible. Customers also leave good feedback on the site. This internet store is simple to use. You may also go to its website by following the link.

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