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7 Microwave Oven Problems That Should Be Considered 2023. A modern kitchen cannot be imagined without a microwave oven. In the morning, you can make your breakfast in a rush by using the microwave oven. But if there is something wrong in the microwave oven then everything gets messed up.

In this situation, you will try to fix your microwave oven on your own to not hamper your daily routine. But this will not be the right way to fix it as maybe a microwave oven seems like a small and handy appliance but, it is a very complex machine. Anything can happen to it for a small mistake. There are some common problems that you should not fix on your own.

7 Microwave Oven Problems That Should Be Considered 2023

7 Microwave Oven Problems That Should Be Considered 

1) The Microwave Oven Is Not Running-

The most noticeable and important problem of a microwave oven is the microwave oven stopped turning on. It simply becomes useless if it is not turned on. At this time, you should check the wall plug to ensure that it is connected to the electricity or not. If the microwave oven’s door has not closed, then it will never start. So next do check if its door is properly closed. If there is no problem with these two things, then do contact any professional service provider because now it is not up to you.

2) The Microwave Plate Is Not Turning-

There is a plate in the microwave oven which rotates to cook your food. It rotates to heat the food on every side. If it will stop rotating then your food will not cook evenly so this is quite certain that if the plate is not rotating, the microwave oven is not for use now. Many reasons cause this fault. But do not try to rotate the plate by forcing it. This may cause a broken plate.

3) The Microwave Oven Is Making Noise-

When the microwave oven is in an operation it can make some noise. But if the noise is getting louder then it should be considered a sign of a big problem. There can be many reasons for a noisy microwave oven such as a faulty drive motor, magnetron, cooling fan, even voltage consumption, etc. So if the problem is happening for these reasons you can not fix it on your own. It will be better to contact any trained service provider.

4) The Microwave Oven Is Not Being Heated-

Heat is the primary object to cook food in a microwave oven. But if the microwave oven stopped heating up then it will become absolutely useless. The microwave oven can not be heated if the door has not closed properly so you have to check that first. But if there is no problem with the door then it may have some serious issues. And for solving the problem you should contact a professional. 

5) The Exhaust Fan Of The Microwave Oven Is Not Working-

In the microwave oven, there is an exhaust fan. It helps to remove the hot air above your stove. For which the microwave oven can work properly when it is being used. But if the exhaust fan stopped working it will hamper the microwave oven. There has a basic reason behind the non-working exhaust fan which is dirt. If the exhaust fan is clogged with dirt it may stop working. If this is the reason, then clean it softly but if you notice a broken part of it you should replace it immediately. And if this is not the reason for the non-working exhaust fan then it is something serious that should get serviced.

6) The Door Of The Microwave Oven Is Not Closing Properly-

When the microwave oven starts to get older it starts facing many problems. Among them, One of the common problems is its door may not close properly. It can happen for the springs or screw or something like that. With time the springs start to lose their original tightened state. Or maybe any part of the door has broken. If the door is not closing properly the heat will escape from the microwave oven so that it will not work in the right way. So, if this problem is happening with your microwave oven regularly then do call a mechanic to solve the problem.

7) The Touchpad Of The Microwave Oven Is Not Working-

The touchpad of the microwave oven is a very sensitive part of it. It feels quite frustrating when it stops working. If the touchpad is not working you will not be able to understand if it has taken your order or not. It can happen for any type of loose connection in the microwave oven. But it cannot be fixed at home. As this is an internal issue a trained should work on it. Unprofessional hands can hamper the appliance or get injured too. Experts’ service is necessarily needed

These are some common problems any microwave oven can face. Being concerned about these problems can make your microwave’s lifespan longer. So do not avoid any small issue of your microwave oven it may lead to a big problem. And to service your microwave oven easily and affordably you can book the LSS service provider. We are the best home appliances service provider in Kolkata.

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